Valenus Group

We buy excellent health businesses.

We are a group of professionals acquiring well-managed niche businesses in health-technology in Germany and the United States.

Dear Visitor,

My name is Marius Schober, and I’m the founder and CEO of Valenus Group.

We’re not a typical private equity investor but an investment group, consisting of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from the health and technology sector. We aim to acquire and then actively and significantly develop and scale companies through innovative ideas and business models.

We acquire existing companies that have already established a strong or future-oriented business model to further develop and scale it to fulfill their full potential.

Our Focus

We are seeking great companies with a focus or application in:

Why Valenus Group?

Our process is fast, transparent, and simple:


7 Days

Due Diligence

ø 28 Days


ø 60 Days

*If your company requires complex licenses, permits or has complex interconnections, the process may take longer.

Our Criteria

We feel most comfortable with:

If your company is exceptionally well managed and has intellectual property that makes it highly scalable, profits as well as profit margins may be lower.

If you are uncertain if your business fits our criteria, contact us anyway, and we’ll let you know in a brief call.


If you are interested, you can email me personally, and we will arrange a video-call to elaborate the process and answer all your questions.

Your inquiry will be totally confidential: we use no staff, we don’t need to discuss your company with consultants, private equity, or investment bankers. You will only deal with me personally.

Marius Schober
Founder of Valenus Group